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Introducing the tool you never knew you needed!

This flexible, hollow vinyl cording makes trying on works in progress (WIP) a snap. And when it's time to hold some stitches for sleeves or just put a WIP in time out for a while so you can use the needles for something else, they're perfect. 

Use these in place of stitch holders or waste yarn. Cut a length you like and slip the hollow end onto the point of your needle. Slide the stitches onto the cord. Remove the cord from the needle tip and tie the two ends together. Your stitches are held safely until you're ready to knit again.

To return the knitting to the needle, just reverse the process. Attach one end of the cord to the needle tip and slide the stitches back onto the needle. Remove the cord and knit away! 

No more trying to pick up from waste yarn that's receded into the row below. No more ungainly metal or plastic stitch holders. Hold My Stitches makes it easy!

A short piece also works great as point protectors on your circular needles. Just slide the needle tips into each end of the hollow cord and go! 


Each package includes 3 yards (108" / 2.7m) of cording. 
Use scissors to cut desired lengths. 

More colors coming soon!