Autumn on Gilman
MIA Sunshine
Murder Yarn
Shadow of Rainier
Space Needle
Steller's Jay
Group shot 1
Group shot 2
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Seattle Sky Dyeworks Ville worsted

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NEW! We love our Northwest indie dyers and are delighted to bring you a new-to-us dyer, Kasteyl Lukes, owner of Seattle Sky Dyeworks. Kasteyl is a California native who found herself calling Seattle "Home" in 2012. She finds solace from the (almost) never ending gray in the riots of color found in her yarns and accessories. Kettle dyeing is her specialty and creates a beautiful depth of color that is difficult to reproduce.

To start, we bring you her worsted base, Ville, 100% Superwash Merino Wool yarn inspired by the sights and sounds of Seattle. It is a sultry, well spun 3-ply perfect for sweaters, gloves, whatever you have in mind. It has wonderful stitch definition.


Yardage: 220 yards/201 meters, 4.4 oz/125g 

Gauge: 4-5 sts per inch / 11-12cm on US 8/5.0mm needles

NOTE: Individual pics are from the dyer. The group shots are the actual yarns we have in the shop. These colors are poppin'!

Color descriptions from the dyer:

4pm: The Pacific Northwest is great. Being from California, everyone always asks me if I like it up here. I do, but I miss the light. Whenever I mention the name of this yarn to a local, or they read the tag, there's an audible chuckle. No one likes it when it's dark by 4pm.

Autumn on Gilman: Gilman is our main street in town. It's lined with big beautiful trees. Right now those trees are dropping leaves in every autumn color you can imagine. This yarn is a little like that.

Fremont: Fremont, home of Seattle's arts district and the yearly naked bike ride. Each skein is hand dyed individually, so each skein will vary.

MIA Sunshine: The 2021 Pantone colors of the year. Also the fleeting glow of sunshine as the Northwest clouds roll in.

Murder Yarn: Murder Yarn, now with 50% more murder!

Permafrost: This colorway was inspired by my home affectionately called the "Mountaintop Fortress". One side of our mountain was in shadow through all of winter, from the first freeze the dried grasses carried the weight of the frost. The golds, silvers, and flashes of color are echoed in this yarn.

Shadow of Rainier: As the sun sets, the great mountain casts a shadow upon itself. The purple from the setting sun reflected upon the icy peaks. The dark rock shows through where the slopes are steepest.

SODO: For forty hours a week, I was an accountant in SODO. I work in an old converted refrigeration warehouse. While it has been mostly converted into office space with the standard commercial carpet, our hallways are still beautiful brick. They have been worn smooth over the decades of wear and range from bright red to deep, chocolate brown.

Space Needle: The space needle, rising above the city, keeping watch, and standing proud.

Steller’s Jay: You see a flash of cobalt out the corner of your eye. The shadow rests on the picnic bench. The bird preens itself casually while it looks for a tasty morsel to steal.